Dayum – Check Out This Multi-Cam/Pro Audio Fullset Live Video by An Empty City [China]

Dayum…Guangzhou-based metalcore band An Empty City have just unleashed a phenomenally shot and edited fullset live video that comes complete with sick multi-cam editing and EXCELLENT audio. For real, they could release the audio on Bandcamp right fucking now and this shit would blow up. The video even comes with lyric subtitles…crazy. The band clearly put a lot of heart into this – and it’s totally worth it.

The band recently performed at a pretty important show for Guangzhou heavy music. Legendary Guangzhou band Insecticide just played their last ever show and they did it in the most memorable way possible. A few years ago Insecticide’s vocalist passed away and the band laid dormant in the aftermath. They recently decided to do one last show as a proper farewell to the band and to the vocalist. They performed their entire album along with the vocalist’s recorded track. Holy shit…getting goosebumps just thinking about how emotional that would have been to watch.

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