D Beat Hardcore Band Mortuusora Release Debut EP [Indonesia]

Mortuusora is a band from South Bandung, Indonesia form in 2016.

“The name MORTUUSORA is taken from Latin and Sundanese, namely Mortuu which means death, and Sora which means sound which when interpreted is death by sound. This band was formed with the basic band d beat punk, but over time the band explored more with other music but remained on its black thread, and finally, this band dared to form a different musical character in general which included one of the guitar leads and post-metal, shoegaze, blackened, post black metal, blackgaze, and atmospheric music with the theme of happiness and anxiety felt by each of the personnel. In this EP we tell a story about a person who gave up his life and it was painful, stupid, and pointless. Then we raised the voices that often appeared in the head or felt by each person in the surrounding environment and in daily life, such as anxiety, sadness, and happiness. Then we expressed all of that into the stringed tremolo guitar instrument with screaming vocals representing those who are depressed, anxious, sad, and happy. Their debut EP, ‘Dead Your Futile’, is 6 dark and depressive nuances, inseparable from the black metal riff post they inserted as if to emphasize the dark, concentrated space.”


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