Cool Article – Pioneers of Pakistani Grindcore

This was a cool article to come across – Pioneers of Pakistani Grindcore by Ahmed Farooq released back in 2015 featuring our all-time favorite Pakistani act Multinational Corporations.

From the vocalist himself:

“Never considered myself a pioneer of anything, but this is a beautiful article about my city and how our music carries on in our local tradition of rebellion. It’s also written by the vocalist of a Pakistani anarcho-punk band, Wehshi Inquilaab, go check em out too.” (Streaming below)

Excerpts from the article are below but you should read the full thing in the link further below.

“The two warriors of Lashkar-e-Grind remained, Hassan and Sheraz, the brutes who paved the endless road for Crust Punk and Grindcore in the roughened and untamed streets of Pakistan.

Vicious Sikhs under the right hand of Bande Shah Bahadur, armed to the teeth, revolted against Mughal tyranny, Bhagat Singh gave out violent throes of rebellion as he was hanged, Jalib stung the hand of the totalitarianism and conservatives like a menacing bee followed by the endless onslaught of Faiz against the merciless authority. Lahore was the city that housed the rebels, a city where the breeders of malice were rejected by those who refused to accept the malevolent form of governance. Anti-conformists and anti-authority, Multinational Corporations, a band of angry kids, a disastrous duo, is now taking up a stand against the monstrosity that the country breeds. Raised up in Lahore, the winds that carried the cremations of Bhagat Singh, poetries of Jalib and Faiz have reached the eyes and ears of these kids, enraged by the rude awakening, they bang upon the doors of lady justice, demanding her presence and commanding her to fulfill her rightful duties.”

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