Controversial Indian Extreme Metal Band Heathen Beast Release New Banger

The world is currently stuck in some fucked up times. Us peasants are barely surviving while the people who wield all the power are fucking up our lives, our communities, our systems, our humanity. THIS should be the time that heavy/extreme music should be creating art that reflects that state of the world – not through poetic means, but being RIGHT IN YOUR FACE about it.

Heathen Beast from India is a mysterious and controversial extreme metal band who don’t hold anything back (They’re earlier tracks are entitled Fuck All Religions, Equally). So when the band releases a new song you expect it to be in your face in terms of their manic approach to songwriting, but also highly reflective of the madness of their social-political issues of their country. Here’s a little taste of some of their lyrics:

“If you don’t belive
I will make you
If you don’t believe
I will kill you

Fuck Hinduism
Fuck Islam
Fuck Christianity
Fuck every religion

Fuck all religions, equally”

This new song starts off with a clip about the stupid citizenship law that the idiotic government wanted to put in place which is nicknamed “Anti-Muslim Law”.

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