COLUMN: Eric Poh of Street Noise Productions let’s Singapore have it.

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Singapore – you are a very lucky bunch

Written by Eric Poh of Street Noise Productions

Singapore…you are a very lucky bunch just in case you didn’t know it. Laments about the lack of shows, poor scene, complains about ticket prices, sound system, waiting time, lousy venue, location too far from town, too busy etc …. worse of all when the shows happen, people don’t turn up. Which is worse? This or the shows not happening at all.

In case you guys didn’t know a huge show was cancelled in Bangladesh last night. The promoters tried very hard but red tapes aplenty. Despite all the effort, the show had to be cancelled. Many of our Asian neighbours are great promoters (legit ones not those scams!) and very professional at what they do. But the huge mountains of crappy laws, red tapes, social disapprovals, impossible visa approval processes, religious tensions, govt agencies interference, corruption, fake agents etc etc …. you get the point …. you have absolutely no idea how hard these promoters work just to get a show up. We know them, we speak to them, we feel them. Over there, when there is a show …. people turn up. Because it is precious. Because it is done BY passionate people FOR passionate people. They simply cherish what they have, and not lament about what they do not.

Last we checked we have shows almost everyday here. You want big stadium shows the big boys got that covered. You want indie, dance, alternative, mid range boys got that. You want underground, non-commercial gigs, diy stuff we got that done. Many of our promoter friends been thru this shit. Last we checked our local bands are continuously putting up gigs on weekends. Great stuff great effort! And huge annual events Baybeats, 100 bands fest, Esplanade outdoor showcase etc …. “lucky” is a total understatement.

Singapore you have no idea how fortunate you are. The way we are taking things for granted, the day will come when nobody will do anything anymore. Seriously … get out there, bring some friends, buy tickets, go to a show.

Cherish…and keep it alive.

Next two shows Street Noise has coming up:

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