CNHC Fest [China Hardcore Fest] release wrap up video from this year’s edition

CNHC Fest [China Hardcore Fest] has released a wrap up video for this year’s edition that took place this past Saturday in Beijing.

The annual celebration of hardcore in China also staged the release of some phenomenal Chinese bands including a new album by long running hardcore act Return The Truth entitled Ain’t Going Nowhere. The band brought their heavy Madball/NYHC flavored madness in epic fashion this year! They basically got on that stage and took that shit over. Another band that released music that night was the fucking AMAZING oi band Shave ‘N’ Shut who released a brand new split 10″ with Japanese punk band Raise A Flag AND a 7″ entitled Beer Lake. When Shave ‘N’ Shut took the stage at an all hardcore event and the ENTIRE room of punks, hardcore kids and metalheads sang their hearts out – it brought a tear to our eyes. This band is incredible…check out all the music playing further below. The fest was also a reunion of sorts for Beijing based hardcore punk act Last Chance of Youth. Similar to Shave ‘N’ Shut’s crowd reaction, LCOY also received a hearty warm welcome full of loud singalongs and MASSIVE circle pits. The band features members of Beijing hardcore Unregenerate Blood on both guitars and bass. The fest was also Hong Kong metallic hardcore Dagger‘s debut show in Beijing. The band features members of Hong Kong hardcore band King Ly Chee. Dagger has released a live video from their set at CNHC Fest streaming below.

The fest was organized by the good people behind Real Deal Records and As One Merch.

Check out a track off Return the Truth’s badass new full length:

Shave ‘N’ Shut SMASHED it live…

The full 7″ stream:

Last Chance of Youth’s entire discography can be downloaded at this link:

Dagger’s live video is streaming below. The track is entitled Poison which comes off the band’s split 7″ being released by Dangerous Goods, Mutilated Noise, Real Deal Records and Holding On Records. The full stream is up at this link:

Other bands that DESTROYED it that night:

Struggle Session

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