clrvnt release article about the term “post hardcore” – we couldn’t agree more.

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Today we woke up to an article published by clrvnt regarding the term “post hardcore” that we feel has been a long time coming. (This is the article A lot of what the article states regarding the term “post hardcore” mirrors our own view of what are the type of sounds that resemble this tag. Somewhere along the lines however, out here in Asia a lot of metalcore bands have also adopted the term “post hardcore” which always puzzles us. At the end of the day who are we to say what should be defined as “post hardcore” though? All we know is that the music that we grew up listening to that fell under the umbrella of “post hardcore” sounds more like this:

Then this:

Wikipedia even defines post hardcore as the following:

Post-hardcore is a punk rock music genre that maintains the aggression and intensity of hardcore punk but emphasizes a greater degree of creative expression initially inspired by post-punk and noise rock.”

The idea that metal or metalcore could therefore also fall under the tag just comes off as a tad bit strange. There is an entire background and history for this music and how it came to be as an offshoot of hardcore/punk. Yet every day we get submissions from bands out here in Asia who use the word “post hardcore” and when we click open their video or singles or full album streams, out pops a metalcore band. (We just want to state that we ain’t got a single problem with metal or metalcore bands. We, like much of you, grew up on metal and love the fuck out of it).

Anyway, while we looked through clrvnt’s list we of course being huge supporters of bands from our scene wanted to quickly see how many posts we’ve put up on our website for Asian post-hardcore bands. Just by typing in “post hardcore” in our SEARCH box on the website, we got an incredible list which you can check out at this link:

Just to get you listening to some while you’re looking through that link, here are some of our favorites:

Rekah (Indonesia)

The Lovesong (Hong Kong)

Degaruda (Thailand)

Senja Dalam Prosa (Indonesia)

us:we (Taiwan)

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