Chthonic Unable To Receive Work Visas to Perform in Hong Kong Music Festival


There is some confusion currently in Hong Kong as the organizers of a new music festival entitled On The Pulse Of Festival have just announced that Taiwan black metal act Chthonic weren’t issued work visas in time to perform in Hong Kong, therefore the organizers had no choice but to cancel the band’s performance. The organizers went further in stating how odd it was that all other acts were able to have work visas issued within a week’s time, but up until the very last minute, even with repeated follow-ups with the Immigration Department of Hong Kong, there was no confirmation of work visas for the band.

Many in Hong Kong are continuing to wonder if the downward spiral that Hong Kong continues to head towards is only going to continue to go up in flames. Many are wondering if this isn’t just another piece of evidence that Hong Kong’s freedoms are being compromised to appease the powers that be up in the Communist government. For those unaware, the vocalist of Chthonic is a big supporter of Taiwan independence, hence many are assuming that these work visas and the decision to not issue them in time were for political purposes.

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