Choir Boys Turn Metallic Hardcore? Check Out Aurora – Written By Agee Linan

The record streaming below (fucking amazing) has been making the rounds all over our social media. So when our friend Agee hit us up asking us if we heard the record yet – we quickly asked if he could kind enough to write something about it. Luckily, he’s a nice guy and drafted the awesome intro to this phenomenal band below.

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Who would’ve thought that choir kids would be able to belt out intense metallic hardcore like what Aurora did?

Aurora was formed in 2004 by Khowee (vocals) and Janry (bass) when they started to hang out in a choir group. Khowee and Janry used to hang out with a church choir. Later, they decided to form a band, originally calling themselves Dead Letter, where they started to write a couple of songs which were influenced a bit by straight edge hardcore. Janry jokingly reminisces back thinking about how he explained what “straight edge” meant to Khowee that it probably didn’t make much sense.

Like any other bored teenager, Khowee and Janry gravitated towards skatepunk culture and hung out with other kids. Their older brothers were also members of the 3rd generation of hc-punks in San Pablo City, Laguna, playing in heavy-hitters Waterpump.

Aurora became a full unit, when Bilog (guitars), Sep (drums), and Jopet (guitars) joined in. They had a myriad of influences – converge, poison the well, thursday, and shaihulud, which they used to their advantage when conjuring up their own take on thoughtful introspective metallic hardcore. All of this culminated in a 3 song demo released in 2005 where you can hear a perfect balance of heaviness and melody.

Currently, Janry plays bass with Barred, Sep is with Typecast, while the other guys are busy dealing with adulting and real-life stuff.

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