CHECK OUT: Taiwanese punk-metal band Necroabbot release full length Hell Torment


Taiwanese punk-metal band Necroabbot released a full length entitled Hell Torment last year with a few songs streaming on their bandcamp down below.

The Metal Archives had this to say about the band:

“Formed in 2012 as Bitch Finder, Taiwan’s Necroabbot is a no-frills Frankenstein monster of all the delicious sinfulness that metal has to offer. Even though they define themselves as a death metal/thrash metal crossbreed, and others feel that their sonic attack of nuclear proportions is of a more death metal/crust punk flavor, I would associate Necroabbot with the raw metal-punk, blacken thrash explosion that is sweeping across Asia with such bands as Japan’s Barbatos, Abigail, and Sabbat; China’s Hellward and Tractor Eye, and Necroabbot’s hometown comrades Bazöoka. However, genre and subgenre defining is a pompous, subjective act and, in many ways, is simply setting up pigeonholes and unnecessary constraints on a band’s sound. Necroabbot’s sound on Hell Torment, their debut album on AreaDeath Productions, transcends the inane specifications of genres.”

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