CHECK OUT: Second Combat sounds more poignant now then ever.

Read the words of Second Combat below…more poignant then ever as a bunch of helpless human beings are tossed back into the ocean between countries saying it’s none of their business to provide humanitarian aid to HUMAN BEINGS. Some of these countries are Muslim countries – providing human aid to ANYONE and EVERYONE in need is in our faith.

“The Muslim Rohingya population of Burma has been consistently persecuted by the Burmese government. In 1982, the Burmese government passed a law which effectively stripped citizenship for the Rohingya. Further, they have very limited freedom of movement, no freedom of religion, and frequently experience land seizure, forced labor and arbitrary arrest. The Rohingya are currently excluded from the resettlement programs for Burmese of other ethnic minorities from the Thailand-Burma border camps. An estimated one million Rohingya have fled Burma by boat, often paying unscrupulous people smugglers, and the refugees now live in Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, and the Middle East. In addition to these longstanding issues, in 2012 intercommunal violence broke out between Rohingya Muslims and Arakan Buddhists displacing more than 100,000.

Take Action for Rohingya #helpRohingya

When the winds are high and restless
And embracing fantasies
It only makes you stronger,
We could learn so much from you.
Through generations come and gone
And brought about such change,
Quietly you’ve watched them all
Yet still remained the same.

Through storm and cloudy weather
Forever covers above you,
The sky killing everything you got for tonight
In search of the sunlight
You count on to survive.

The words that have yet been spoken
The things I need to say.
To voice what’s within my heart
I just can’t find a way.

I’ve fought with my emotions
I’ve held them deep inside.
I didn’t want to face what for so long
I tried to hide.

I’ve fought with my emotions
I’ve held them deep inside.
I didn’t want to face what for so long
You tried to hide.

I’ve been lost within the dark
For so long I’ve seen no light.
Holding on to the memory
Of a time when things were right.
I’ve looked upon your face and seen
The sadness in your eyes.
The battle of addiction you no longer can disguise.

Count on to survive,
Can’t bear to watch you die

I’ve quest to find the answers
Of what I myself must do.
And I’ve prayed for the strength to fight
Through the hell that I go through.
I’ve held on for so long
But I can no longer watch you die.
I cannot fight this for you
But lords know how I’ve tried.
It’s just so hard to watch the ones you love
Slowly slip away.
That’s why I just blocked it out
And held on to yesterday.
I don’t have all the answers
Or the power to save your soul.
You’re broken, lost and lonely
For I cannot save you the only one is you.” is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!