CHECK OUT: New Malaysian hardcore punk band Wretching Hate (crust punk GOODNESS)

Wretching Hate

Holy shit…

Year end and Malaysia has to throw an insane new band into the mix right before we close out the year…da’ fuck KL…hahahahaha…

Check out brand new hardcore punk act Wretching Hate who just put out a STELLAR debut for any band anywhere…the jam is fast, heavy and angry.

Here’s info straight from the band themselves:

“dear punks,

a couple of months back, we formed a new crusty, hardcore/punk band called WRETCHING HATE. we just recorded 4 songs two weeks back that will be put out on tape soon. this is the first song ever written as WRETCHING HATE, called DIS/EASE. recorded at Greenhouse Studio and engineered by Tom (The Bollocks)

“this disease’s cure is only death // reversal education via stress // incinerate! // toy ballots and lives discarded // boxes of paradox, hoax filled promises // politic poetry! // no sympathy for idiocracy // no excuse for bigotry // no apology for greed”

if you like what you’re hearing, do come to our first show ever – opening for Swedish band Crutches who will be on their South East Asian tour, alongside Hereafter, Split Tongue and Osmantikos


Fuck yeah…if anyone from Wretching Hate is reading this – make sure we get to premiere the full release! This shit is DOPE…

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