CHECK OUT: Hong Kong metal band INDenial

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BAND: INDenial
FROM: Hong Kong
STYLE: Metal

For our first instalment check out the metal band INDenial from Hong Kong. They are fairly new having started in 2012 but consist of members that play or have played in some of Hong Kong’s most prominent metal bands, which makes this particular collective quite a force to be reckoned with. Their drummer is none other then Leung Kin Man who also plays in one of Hong Kong’s best representatives of metal – Evocation (A band that took part in the 2013 edition of the creme de la creme of metal music festivals Germany’s Wacken Open Air Music Festival). Affectionately called ?? (Lo Mun), he also used to play in bands such as King Ly Chee and Departing Cross (a legendary Hong Kong death metal band).

INDenial are a 4 piece metal band, a line up that certainly harks back to the metal of the 80’s and early 90’s where singers also played an instrument (Slayer, Metallica, Sepultura, etc). They rock their metal sans breakdowns which is super revolutionary in this day in age where even pop-punk bands put breakdowns in songs! haha…Their style of metal certainly steers towards the melodic style utilizing clean vocals interspersed with throat sheering screams and growls by vocalist/bassist Wolf. Alex, their guitarist, has even hinted that their upcoming debut album, to be released by year’s end, will send the band back to their thrash metal roots but don’t rule out that their music could eventually also include other elements due to the various influences that the four members bring to the table.


Below is a picture of the infamous trouble-maker that is Leung Kin Man!


Bassist Wolf killing it with guitarist Alex Liu:


Other guitarist Jay Lo – yes, related to THAT J.Lo…just kidding 🙂


INDenial rocking what is undeniably Hong Kong’s best underground venue Hidden Agenda.


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