CHECK OUT: Hard as nails Indonesian hardcore band No One Cares


I think it’s safe to say that Indonesia seems to be the capital of hardcore in Asia…I mean seriously, I cannot even count how many hardcore bands exist down there AND how many of them are SUPER SUPER good…

Here’s another one to add to the list…my brother Ito just sent me a message “Hey Riz – here’s a link to one of my other bands that will be playing with you guys in Medan on June 14″…I love humble people and Ito is definitely the humblest of them all because he sent me to No One Cares bandcamp page and as soon as I pressed play I was like WOAH! These vocals are killer! I asked Ito who the singer was and he responded “It’s me Riz!”

Check this shit out…get into it…get into just how HARD this band goes! Fans of NYHC: Cro Mags, Leeway, etc…

No One Cares:

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