CHECK OUT: Filipino hardcore band Empty drops debut full length


Manila, Philippine’s long running hardcore giants Empty just dropped their debut album “The End Of All Things” which features 9 tracks of heavy hardcore including a cover of short-lived local thrash band Bound By Fury.


This album accompanies the band’s return to the scene, reforming in late 2009 after being on hiatus since the mid-2000’s. Empty formed in late 1994, debuting as a live unit at an AMApalooza show in Club Dredd, from the ashes of local punk and hardcore bands S.A.P. and Urban Discipline. The band became regulars on the hardcore revival scene that began in the mid-1990s, setting up their own shows in their hometown of Pateros-Taguig area of Manila, and touring heavily amongst the neighboring scenes of Laguna, Sucat, Quezon City and Marikina. Towards the turn of the decade, sometime in the late 90s, Empty abruptly stopped doing shows. The band resurfaced for a brief period in the early 2000’s as technical hardcore/grind unit As Angels Fall. Other members later went on to join full time with other bands such as Isvarah and The Beauty Of Doubt. In late 2009, talks began to resurrect the band and end their self-imposed hiatus. In the last quarter of 2014, the band hit the studio to complete recording what will become their debut full length. This session resulted in 9 tracks of engaging, damaging, heartfelt hardcore proving this kind of genre is back for good and is here to stay in the Philippines.

In keeping the spirit of DIY alive, the band independently self-funded and self-produced the entire album, which was recorded at Monopond Studios, behind the mixing and mastering of Roniel Francisco (of the 80’s pioneering New-Wave group Silos).


This album treats its listeners to guest appearances from vocalist Dixie’s eldest son Andrei, together with jams from Bone & Deadbeat (Armas Ng Lias), Allen Rubis (Mindset 11), and Dennis Matibag (Isvarah). This album is dedicated to Dennis, who passed away earlier this year, due to heart failure. This was Dennis’ last recording ever. The band is set to do a series of shows to launch the album in the coming weeks.

The CD is available through the band and at finer distros and stores. Check out the world premiere of the track Action Reaction = Direct Action below – fans of Strife get yourselves ready:

Empty is back, prepare the attack!

Empty live:

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