Check Out New Metal Band Bolter On Their Debut Ripper [Vietnam]

Check out new heavy AF band out of Vietnam called Bolter on their debut track. If you’re a fan of deathcore, metalcore, metal, beatdown – this band in just this ONE song has got you fully covered.

Vocalist Elly was kind enough to give us the lo-down, “We formed last year and wanted to do something ‘slow and heavy’ to express our feelings about life here in Hanoi. The band is actually made up of several members of other local Hanoi bands cause our scene is so small. We just wanted to do something different.”

Musically, he was quick to add, “Actually we weren’t going for something more slam/deathcore sounding, it just came out that way. But lyrically the song is inspired by a friend of mine who recently go out of 10 years in jail and how hard his life has been after coming out. So this is really for those who don’t have a guiding light and thus end up falling into a trap that they can’t get out of. And because they can’t get out of this deep deep hole, they resort to stabbing others in order to stay alive.”

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