Check out Indonesian straight edge hardcore band Martyr fullset live video – be inspired

Without a doubt – if you’ve been following this website for years now you’ll know how inspired we ALWAYS get when a live video of an Indonesian hardcore band playing to an Indonesian crowd surfaces online. The video is always raw as fuck – stage is raw – equipment is raw – but that emotion that the audience gives off to their fellow Indonesian bands is unmatched anywhere else in Asia.

Case in point is this live video that just came across our social media – Indonesian straight edge hardcore band Martyr from Medan. Watch the audience KILL it for them the entire set. The stage becomes a sea of people where the audience’s voices are collectively louder then the singer, Yagi, singing into the mic. Next thing you should notice is the age of the kids in the pit/stage/everywhere…these are kids that are probably as young as 13 falling deep into the world of hardcore. These kids will grow up and play in bands, and then the Indonesian hardcore cycle will continue to grow and just get better and better. You think the bands are sick now? Just you wait…

Indonesian hardcore inspiring the world.

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