Check Out Excellent Fullset Live Streaming Videos for 10 Hong Kong Bands

As we wrote back in February, Hong Kong venue Y Concept Stage is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year. We wrote a huge piece about it HERE. The venue organized an AWESOME live streaming event for two days of Hong Kongs performing a bunch of their tracks for all of Hong Kong to watch and enjoy. The band’s second day was more our alley as it displayed bands from doom metal to metalcore to alt-rock to guitar-rock-instrumental.

The venue has made the entire video available for you to check out below. What you will find is an excellently (totally DIY) production of people who passionately want to do the best they can to capture the mood and intensity of the bands they’ve invited. Check out the lighting, the video editing, and the amazing audio mix as well.

On a personal note, for the show to begin with the dismal sounds of Hong Kong doom metal act Chimeras (pictured above) couldn’t be more appropriate for the darkness that our city seems to be in. It has been now two years of our city falling deeper into an abyss from where it seems impossible to find any sense of hope that we will be getting out of this soon. Chimeras begin their set with a brand new song /untitled/ they released last year that is inspired by recent events.

The lyrics are as follows…those lyrics and the way the band performs their music live just encapsulates the sentiments of so many of us here.

“We keep our heads up high
But tears are hiding from the moonlight
Though the truth is far behind
One day we’ll realize.

We’ve got to fight till the end
Dawn yet to come
May you rest in peace
Let us carry on…”

– /untitled/ Chimeras

Go check out the full stream for both days of bands below!

Bands performing in the following order:


Stain The Welkins


Unto The Dawn

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