Canadian band Moonfall featuring members from HK, China and Taiwan release video


Alternative rock band Moonfall from Toronto, Canada that features members from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland China have released a music video for the song Escape With Me which you can check out below. The coolest part about this band is the fact that the band seems like the perfect unity of three Chinese areas that are always in conflict with each other (well, maybe not Hong Kong and Taiwan) but through music they can easily set aside all those differences, or not even see those differences to begin with. This is how life works dude – if you want to have a more open-mind then you have to surround yourself with people from all walks of life…your ideas get challenged, your notions get challenged, and through it all you get this newfound appreciation and respect for different races, traditions and cultures.

Anyway…the song’s not bad but if they stick it out I can see them improving a lot if they make sure to play a lot of shows with touring bands, and getting out on the road themselves. That’s always the best way to raise the standard of your own playing and songwriting when you share the stage with high caliber bands that show you what areas you need to clearly improve in if you’re really about the music.

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