Cambodian Blackened Crust Band Reign In Slumber Hold Nothing Back – New Tracks Up

Seriously…in this day in age to help your band stand out of the billions of bands that inhabit this planet and who release music EVERY day…Cambodian band Reign in Slumber should be studied well. First of all, their music is vastly different from what comes out of most places around the world that has a pretty shallow understanding of heavy music. No, Reign In Slumber is not your run of the mill metalcore, nor is it on the technical progressive vein either, nor is the band’s recorded material overly produced with an engineer sucking all life out of the music in order to make it sound “perfect” – in fact, it’s raw as fuck – just the way we like it, and no, they don’t come from anywhere that would be a considered a “hotbed” of music – heavy or otherwise.

Reign in Slumber is aware of what’s being released around the planet; have chosen to put out music that blends a variety of elements to create their harsh, in your face, throat shattering musical madness. Their artwork as well shows clarity of vision. They are very thoughtful in what they use that depicts the band’s music and purpose of being here.

We can’t say enough stuff about this band…

We hit up the band to find out more because ever since they graced us with their existence – they’ve been on an upward trajectory.

“It Never Left” is our second release, a two-track EP depicting prolonged self-medication, anxiety, and depression. The songs elaborate on the connection between drug abuse, dipsomania, and gloom. The artwork was done by Mia Priest (Nightmare A.D. and Psykic Elektric), one of the many gifts she’d given us before our upcoming Malaysian tour. Damani Kelly (Drug Noose, Vartey Ganiva, Hypnotic Fist Technique…etc.) also helped us record the drums.”

And how have you felt about the response that the band has been receiving?

“We’ve been hearing good things from people, so I guess we’re doing something right. We aim to keep writing, producing, improving, and hopefully getting the chance to tour outside of our home country as much as possible.”

On that note, the band is about to head out on their maiden tour.

“We’re about to embark on our very first and proper tour, 3 days in 3 different cities. Some of us have never been to Malaysia before, so we are absolutely thrilled and quite nervous at the same time. We’re still trying to figure it to avoid travel fuckups. Here are the tour dates:

The Wall – Batu Pahat – 2nd, August.
The Key – Melaka – 3rd, August.
Rumah Api – KL – 4th, August.”

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