Burned Alive – Please Read This Article By The Guardian About What’s Going On In India

Photograph: Adnan Abidi/Reuters

“They smashed the bed where Musharraf was hiding underneath and he screamed, so they grabbed him and dragged him out into the street. The children ran out, too, and were screaming. His daughter, Kushi – she is just 11 – fell on the feet of those men, pleading ‘Don’t kill my father’. She tried to save him but they beat him to death in the middle of the street and threw him in the gutter.”

Please read the rest of this article…we couldn’t read it in one sitting…we read it a few sentences at a time because after every few sentences we wanted to vomit. Vomit at the cruelty, the vile wretchedness of man, the horror, the disgusting ways humans can turn into savages, the mob mentality of seemingly normal well-educated people who can do this to their fellow man (many of them neighbors!), to burn people alive, throw their bodies alive or dead into gutters, kick and beat pregnant women…all this happening in the capital of India – Delhi. We can’t even begin to fathom the evilness. Not even the worst psycho, horror, thriller can prepare us for what we’re reading here and even begin to understand the fear these people must have lived through and continue to live through.

If you believe in God, Allah, Buddha, Jesus, whatever…this is the time to pray.

Many of you, like myself and my family are Muslim. This could’ve been my family, this could’ve been your family.

The world can’t continue like this…the LEVEL of this cycle of hatred and violence for anyone because of what they believe in or the choices they make cannot be the new normal.

If you think for even ONE second we think you should go out and harm Hindus – you’re STUPID. This whole post is about how we’ve lost our humanity. Go hug a Hindu, go hug a Muslim, go hug a Sikh, go hug a Christian, go hug a Buddhist, go hug non-believers, go hug people different from you, and remind each other that there MUST be some good left in this world. Somewhere…


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