Buddhist Metal Band Dharma Bless The World With New Video on Day 2 of the Year of the Tiger

Taiwanese Buddhist metal band Dharma have released a cool recap video on the second day of the year of the tiger. Go blast it below and feel inspired! The band also released this awesome statement, “As a band, and as individuals, we’re always trying to evolve, always educating ourselves, and forever looking to combine new theatrical elements into our performance to exemplify our personal evolution on stage. We hope that by doing so, our audience will evolve and educate themselves along with us.

“Three thousand realms in a single thought moment” refers to those multitudes of thoughts that arise in daily life. There are ten worlds in each moment, and each of those worlds is possessed of those same ten worlds again.

In turn, each of those worlds possesses thirty realms. So, in any single moment of life, there are three thousand realms. Delusions and distractions fly around us like these three thousand boundless worlds. As such, it can be difficult to escape the shackles of the mundane.

Our thoughts flit between heaven and earth from day to day, back and forth, and back again. Though the external environment is often filled by the emptiness of the earthly concepts of contempt, power, and fame, as long as your heart and mind are clear, no matter where you go, you will roam in what we call the Western Pure Lands.

This is the idea behind our performance—a mix of heaven and hell, the earthly and the otherworldly—a moment of clarity amidst the three thousand realms.”


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