Buddhist Death Metal Act Dharma [Taiwan] Release Live Video

Sapta Jina Bhasitam Papa Vinasana Dharani is an incantation from the word of the guatama Buddha which is said to bring peace, wellness, and freedom from all harm. Sapta Jina Bhasitam Papa Vinasana Dharani is the incantation said to bring about the gathering of the seven Buddhas, the repetition of which is said to conjure a time and place free of material sin. Building on the power of the incantation, Dharma incorporates the speed and ferocity of death metal into this time-honored text to spread a message of wellness and peace. Dharma is quite likely the first band in the world to combine ancient and traditional Buddhist sutras with the modern style of death metal.

The band was founded by drummer Jack Tung (Revilement, Demise, Stench of Lust) from Taiwan. Vocalist Joe Henley (Revilement, Sledge City Slashers, Stench of Lust), from Canada, was later brought on board. Most of the lyrics are sung and screamed in the original Sanskrit, some with a mix of Mandarin Chinese.


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