Brutal Death Metal Band Killkount Release Debut Album [India]

Indian Brutal Death Metal band KILLKOUNT have released their debut full length. Check out a track off the album below – it’s entitled Schizophrenic Machine Kill. The track is fast, relentless and marks the true matured sound of the band over years of perfection.

The band states that, “We are excited to announce the release of our debut album, KONFLICT & TERROR in early 2020! This album comprises of the songs we have written, modified, and performed over the last 5 years of our existence. Produced by Aakash Sherpa (Anomaly Sound Designs), the album sports an extreme, yet clean and precise yet organic sound, that hits hard on all fronts. This is our first attempt at creating a menacing, hard hitting record full of brutal, fast and groovy death metal. The album cover art, made by Shubham Jha, looks exactly what the album is supposed to sound like. It’s chaotic, violent, and full of commentary on various evils present in the world we live.”

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Memento Mori
2. Konflict & Terror
3. HollowKast
4. W.M.D.
5. Schizophrenic Machine Kill
6. Korruption Kauses Katastrophe (Re-Recorded)
7. Korpsified!
8. Koffin Feeder
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