Brutal Death Metal Act Parasitic Infestation Release Debut Single [READ: We Add Our Thoughts]

“Dubai based Pinoy…” needs to be a genre on its own 🙂

Check out this debut track via music video streaming below released by new Dubai based Pinoy brutal death metal act Parasitic Infestation.

Band’s name makes us think of two things:

  1. Parasitic:
    Have you seen Parasite? That is one fucking BADASS movie. We here in Hong Kong can fully understand the peek into social/financial class disparity – even the disgust people have for others within their OWN social class. Right now, however, in Hong Kong, the filthy rich’s disdain isn’t the poor. Right now, the filthy rich’s disdain is for our brave Hong Kong protestors who are out there telling the world that the systems in Hong Kong have been broken for decades. Through targeted destruction and vandalism, they are telling the world that the only people that the systems we have in place have benefited are the filthy rich. In contrast, of course, the rich want to maintain the systems that have allowed them to amass insane wealth, living in luxurious apartments with several cars, several “domestic helpers”, etc. While the protestors come from a different strata of HK people who live in shoebox-sized apartments – some even live inside cages! – and thus, want to burn the whole fucking thing down to the ground and rebuild it from the ground up. Now, do you see why the filthy rich hate the protestors and refer to them as “rioters” and “thugs”?

    Guess which side we stand on…

  2. Infestation:
    The Wuhan virus has been spread all over the world now…in the early stages, the CCP government tried to cover it up which cost it invaluable time that could’ve been used to contain the disease. Instead, in the beginning, what the government did, as is typical, was arrest people who were talking about it. Nothing is allowed to rock the image of the almighty CCP government, that’s why millions are employed to man social media and even private discussions on your phone. Now, two months after the first case – poor health care staff (nurses, doctors, volunteers) all over China and here in Hong Kong are being sent in ill-equipped with pathetic protective gear to go handle people with this deadly disease.

    Your frontline medical staff need your love and support for doing this work. May God, Allah, Jesus, Buddha, Ganesh, Hanuman, whatever you believe in, watch over them all. is an underground Asian music news website created for the sole purpose of supporting our own world. We support all bands and genres HOWEVER we do not support nor have any sympathy for homophobic, racist, sexist rhetoric in lyrical content or band material. UNITE ASIA!