Brilliant Pop Punk Band Jaigon Orchestra Close Off This Amazing Day [Vietnam]

This has been one of the best Fridays on the site in a long time…we started the day with two phenomenal bands from Singapore dropping new music – stoner doom metal band Marijannah and emo/math rock band Forests. We’re now getting to end the day with an INSANELY well-crafted new song by Vietnamese ska/pop-punk trio Jaigon Orchestra. Whatever your thoughts are about pop-punk, throw them out the window…just go press play and listen to this genius band throw SO MUCH at you just in this one song.


Here’s a great write up by the label the band has just signed to called Tup Tac Records (we wrote about them a few days ago – read about them HERE):

“‘Bua Chu’ features an uplifting vibe, ska-infused counter melodies, which have been Jaigon Orchestra’s trademark sound ever since their first debut single ‘Kaycee’. The song’s lyrics are about the realization of a girl, whose first impression leaves people feeling like they have been struck with under a love spell, but over time, the love spell feels more like a love curse. Yet the girl, being young and naive, knows little to none about her impact on the guys she crosses.

The band has been stirring up the Vietnamese punk scene with their unique ska/pop-punk sound, mixed with Vietnamese cantopop/J-pop-inspired melodies, chords progressions. Jaigon Orchestra brings a new breeze to the Viet punk scene as their instrumental parts are rather complicated compared to most bands of the genre’s choice of simple, easy-to-cover materials.”

This part in particular “…their instrumental parts are rather complicated…” is the TRUTH!

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