Bombay Hardcore Act Pacifist Unleash New Single Ushering In Brand New Direction [India]

We’re currently at a loss for words. Though we’ve been writing about Indian hardcore band Pacifist since their inception/debut back in 2019 when they released their EP ‘Greyscale Dreams’, what the band has just released by way of brand new single ‘Against the Tide’ is leaving us speechless.

The band’s video for their brand new single opens up with this beautiful dedication and immediately we already felt like there was something hugely different with the band:

We recognize the names of many of these people that the track is being dedicated to (Primitiv vocalist Nitin Rajan, Dead Exaltation guitarist Mradul Singhal, and others)…before the song even starts emotions are already heightened.

But when the band rips into the track with that almost Thursday/Rise Against/Boy Sets Fire-esque emotion, our heads immediately went spinning. We may or may not have spit our coffee out and screamed “WHAT?!” We’re already on our 10th listen now…the melancholy, vulnerability in this much more melodic hardcore direction of the band has left us EASILY wanting to hear so much more. We’ve always appreciated the band’s output thus far, but THIS is on a whole new level of awesome. Wait until you get to the outro…

What a beautiful debut of new music and new direction from a band that isn’t afraid of letting those emotions shine through.

Here’s some background info from the band themselves,

“Leaning in more into their melodic hardcore influences, our latest video ‘Against The Tide’ features hand-scrawled lyrics with the video fully visualized & edited by Rana Ghose, an indie filmmaker & DIY music promoter (Reproduce Artists), with text animation from Anusha Menon.

It’s like a message in a bottle – an age-old literary & visual symbol, a cry for help while lost at sea. The song addresses mental health in its own subtle way and reinforces a positive message to keep on fighting the good fight.

The video opens with a somber dedication to recently lost friends of the band from the Indian music community (including ) and ends with some sprawling lead guitar lines in the climactic outro.

It’s heartfelt, emotionally poignant & equal parts aggressive & melodic.”

For sure.

The best thing is that this track is part of a 2 track package coming out soon. We may or may not have already the second track. Maybe. Or not. But we’re pretty sure we have. Or maybe we’re lying. Maybe we’re telling you that the second track is just as fucking awesome as the first track. Or maybe we’re lying. Maybe we REALLY want the band to release a full record’s worth of music like this. That’s true.


Off to listen to it again.

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