Indonesian metal band Black Redemption release new album

Black Redemption

Indonesian metal band Black Redemption have announced pre-orders for a new record coming out soon. You can check out tracks from the release down below.

Here’s a press release:

“Formed in the late 90’s, Black Redemption born and challanged the world. Their vision is not mere dreams, they are working their music professionally. Presentation is their focus as they recording their tracks in various state-of-the-art studio and work with local well known engineers. This is also their critics and answer why is metal music is not surviving, most of them is carelessly archiving music with a low-end and/or cheap quality.

With some issues with vision differences, they are also changing the member couple of times. this is what took their time to finalise the recording material. But with more than a decade, nowadays they are known as a band with not just a loud sound but an awesome music featured a power drumming, modern metal kind of groove, killer guitar solos and great performing stage band.

Willing to keep the dreams alive,Yudha (bass) and Dhaniboy (guitar) as the founder with Ercun (vocal), Aldoholic (guitar) and Adit (drums) are now ready to release the metal-spiritedalbum titled: Sinister World Elegy. The album itself contained 12 tracks of metal music that will encourage the listener and/or metalhead especially to become an outspoken truth person and better earthlings according to their Beliefs.”

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