Black Metal From Sri Lanka? Hell Yeah! Check Out New Track by DHISHTI [Sri Lanka]

DHISHTI is a Sri Lankan black metal project initialized by Jayakody (vocals) and Deshapriya (guitars) in early 2009. The name Dhishti is a Sinhalese term that holds the meaning of demonic possessions. In ancient times the people of the small Indian oceanic island of Sri Lanka believed mental illnesses are in-fact demonic processions caused by evil spirits or Dhishti and conducted various occult rituals and ceremonies (Thovil) to treat the affected. Dhishti’s music and lyrics are influenced by these rituals and ceremonies which are still to this date practiced by certain groups of the country. During the earlier years, Dhishti described their music as atmospheric depressive black metal with monotonous drums and guitars with spine-chilling screeching uttering the pain of Sri Lankan people over the years.

The first album “Decease” was released in 2010 through Depressive Illusions Records in cassette format and through Salute Records in CD format. In 2012 “Meditation of Death” was released through Rigorism Productions and later re-released through Nascemos Mortos.

Interestingly enough the band has stated, “We do not condone nor support the following ideas: suicide, anti-life, pessimistic beliefs, Nazism. The band does not believe suicide is the answer to the despicable behavior of humanity.”

The band has released the first track off their upcoming third full-length to be released on May 19 on Satanath Records. The album is available for pre-order here:

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