Black Metal-Infused Hardcore Band Rawmind Release Single Feat. Lost Control [Malaysia]

Malaysian hardcore punk band Rawmind states that they’re HUGELY influenced by black metal – especially in terms of sonic elements with tons of distortion and noise. According to the band, “all of this is what makes the kids rage!”

Last year the band dropped their debut EP ‘The Age of Darkness”:

And today they’ve released their brand new single ‘Devour My Wings to Make Me Tame’. The reason the band was all over our radar is that their new single features our friends in Malaysian heavy hitters Lost Control. Rawmind were kind enough to give us the lowdown, “Our new single DEVOUR MY WINGS TO MAKE ME TAME features Lost Control, Nuffshot and Crossing Soul and we intentionally got all these bands involved because we wanted to do something to break any sort of constraints “hardcore” has on us. The track also serves as a teaser for everyone as this is our new sound in this new age of hardcore.”

The track is currently streaming on the record label/collective Astral Angels spotify page. “Yes we are still a black metal band but you gotta understand the reason why we did this. It’s because we want to create a scene that includes all types of music and where we can remove the boundaries of “hardcore” and “punk”. It’s just a bunch of people playing music together. This is cause the scene in Malaysia is so small and the hardcore scene truly feels like it’s dying. So this is our way of kickstarting a revolution”.

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