Beatdown Band District 105 Drop The Hammer On New Track [Vietnam]

Yoooooo…there is something so special about a heavy band unleashing venom and rage in their mother language. Check out Vietnamese beatdown hardcore band District 105 on their brand new badass track sung/screamed/rapped all in Vietnamese. Shit is SOOO heavy.

The vocalist added, “It’s a song I wrote to attack the mainstream media here. It’s completely chaotic here and all they ever do is promote shit love and chill songs. I feel like it’s because of meaningless music like this that is creating a generation of really lazy youth.” As for the title of the song, “There’s a popular song here called “bài này chill phết” which in English is “this song is so chill” that’s why the title of our song is “bài này đéo chill” which is “this song is not chill”. Hahahaha”

This band rules on so many levels: music, attitude, visuals, press photos, consistently releasing music so they’re NEVER forgotten.

How to Run Your Band 101? Study District 105.

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