Bandwagon TV Drop Fullset Live Video for Singapore Hardcore Act LC93

Wowza…what is Bandwagon going to do after all these excellently filmed and edited live videos! Check out this brand new one they just dropped of Singapore hardcore band LC93 that features legends of the Singapore hardcore scene.

Bananas…look at the size of that local crowd showing up to support a local act. Bassist rips on this…

Guitarist Suhaimi added:

“Wasn’t in my best of health. Broke my strings halfway through the very first song. Then on our 3rd song, my bassist broke his 5th string but still, he was able to play like a boss. Also after that, my vocalist got a deep cut on his head & was bleeding, all caused by my crazy guitarist swinging his guitar…he also actually damaged & cracked his headstock. That’s how hard he got hit on the head, all just a week before his wedding! But that’s hardcore!

Still, we’re grateful being able to play this awesome show for awesome people alongside awesome bands. At the end of the day if people are happy we’re also happy. Life is actually simple, just don’t complicate shit.”

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