Awesome Indian brutal death grind band Gutslit looking for new vocalist! SO GOOD!


Awesome Indian brutal death grind band Gutslit are looking for a new vocalist! HOLY FUCK CHECK OUT THIS TRACK!!! You think you got the chops to front this monster of a band from India? Bring it on! This song without vocals is already some brutal next level shit…can’t imagine what it would sound like with some insane vocals on top!

Favorite thing I’ve heard today!

Here’s some info for this track and possible future vocalists:

“Scaphism (Instrumental) is a track from the upcoming Gutslit album to be released in 2016 based on torture devices and techniques; under the Transcending Obscurity Label.

We are putting this out for a hunt for a new Vocalist for the band.
The track is open for Streaming/Download
Anybody who feels, he or she can do justice to this track will have to write down the lyrics as per their understanding of the track and the title, arrange the vocal parts, record and email us the track at[email protected].
You can use different styles and vocal patterns as per your convenience and personal strength. We will not be judging you if you can or cannot do a certain pattern or style. (Grunts, Growls, Highs, Lows, Squeals or even Clean. Show us what you got.)
You should be confident of how your parts are sounding on the track.

The track will be available for download and the entries will be appreciated till 29th February 2016.

What we are looking for:
Apart from being able to do vocals, A person who knows and has a basic idea of the genre we work around. Right from Death metal to Brutal Death Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind and Deathgrind.
A keen ear for other genres over and above this is an added bonus.
An open minded individual who is ready to work around music which will range around the above mentioned genres.
The lyrical theme, concepts regarding the band’s central idea of writing music around torture devices, torture and gore.
If he/she can write lyrics, it’s an added bonus.

The band demands a lot of professionalism in terms of music and life.
We would appreciate an individual who has his/her professional life in place too. Be it a full time musician or part time.
If you are a part time musician, we would like to know where you are working and would appreciate someone who has a job that can foot his/her bills.
If you are still studying, no worries. We can figure and work with that too.
Gutslit being a band playing such a niche genre, it’s very difficult to earn enough to pay individual bills.

This is a Worldwide hunt.
Our priority is to find the best vocalist out there who is interested in being part of the band.
Distance, Country, Travel can be worked out and spoken about at a later stage.
We would want you to have a valid passport of your respective country which can allow you to travel with us Internationally.


Track Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap Productions.
Drums recorded at Demonic Studios.

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