Australian grindcore band Scrotal Vice announce Asian tour

Formed in 2013 in Sydney, Australia, SCROTAL VICE have been slowly carving out a niche in a genre they call “Extreme Post-op Power Grind.” In a word, their music is probably best likened to grindcore – however, among all the blast beats, hardcore riffs and barely-minute-long songs, thrown into the mix are live synths and samples, manic rhythms coursing through time changes, nasty extended chords, four microphones, and a bass guitar tuned down to near impossible depths of audibility.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call them experimental, yet they don’t venture too far into the world of art-wank. Their premise is to keep things brutal enough for the pit to flail and pummel themselves in acts of danger. Their live set carries out mass destruction without taking a breath, playing song after song only to be broken up by dumb samples spoken in a saturated Australian drawl.

Although their identities are kept secret by their trademark masks, sightings of the group have been reported in various bands throughout Asia and Australia.

Guitarist and vocalist Tess Torsion has been spotted playing with Japanese hardcore legends PALM, while the band’s synth and sampler master Castrotti is rumoured to be playing in Beijing fastcore band STRUGGLE SESSION.

Bass player Doomface keeps his face hidden for very serious reasons. It is said in unmentionable circles that he won’t leave the bass guitars alone, molesting them in a band with equally questionable motives: UNGUS UNGUS UNGUS.

No one knows C. Rash’s exact whereabouts. Reports tout he is either igniting convulsive dancing with electronically-inspired outfit BIKE THIEF or weaving songs with ambient textures with experimental band jetrio.

SCROTAL VICE have extensively toured their native Australia over the last 5 years, recently jumping across the pond to New Zealand and even further with two tours of East Asia; covering China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea. They have released 3 EPs and contributed 2 tracks on a 10-band East Asian compilation CD “Tentacles” that is distributed through their own record label, SCROTAL RECORDS.

This October, they will be embarking on their AFTERBIRTH tour: an 8 date adventure through South East Asia spanning Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. To celebrate their 5 year anniversary as a band they will be bringing with them a limited-run tape compilation of their first two EPs, which have been freshly remixed and remastered for added brutality.

Although SCROTAL VICE are within the realms of the gory grindcore scene, they have zero tolerance for sexist or macho bullshit in any way, shape or form.

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