Asian Hardcore Shows Back in Full Effect – Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia Represent

A few weeks ago we reported about how hardcore shows are roaring back in the Philippines (article HERE), and we know that Malaysia, Taiwan, and Japan have also had all their hardcore shows return FULL throttle. Taiwan even has a killer record-release show for SPIT in a month (info here). But today we’re extra amped because the hardcore scene in Thailand and Singapore have announced MASSIVE comeback shows of sorts entitled Judgement Night and Limbeh Fest featuring the who’s who of the heaviest of Thai hardcore and a mad sick representation of the Singapore hardcore scene.

For real, check out the frickin lineup! There are going to be literal body bags at the end of the show…but besides the HEAVY ass beatdown you’re going to get by scene pummellers Whispers, Depressed, The Shredder, legends Born From Pain, you’re also getting some melodic hardcore via Carry On, and something that we haven’t from Thailand – Life of Agony/Age of Apocalypse/Type-O-Negative/Twitching Tongues inspired band Hellmosphere! SICK!!! And even a special tribute band by scene regulars under the “Calling Hours” moniker (Bane cover in the set???).

Further below the flyer there’s an events link and OF COURSE actual music from the bands you can check out so you can start booking your flights now if you want to finally witness the immense power of Thai hardcore.

This show takes place May 14th.

Almost a week later the Malaysian scene launches a much more punk-sounding hardcore extravaganza with INSANE bands like Safety Zone, Check Your Head, Changes, No Clue and SIAL from Singapore will be heading down as well. All that info (and some tunes) can be found further below.

Speaking of Singapore – yes, shows are back in Singapore as well! Check out that flyer for a show stretched across TWO weekends (further below)! (Side Note – total unrelated BUT we love how many one-word bands there are in Singapore! Spirals, Destiny, Bind, Renegade, Darah, B.C, Error, Dissect, etc – so sick)

Asian Hardcore Lives.
Best believe that shit. 

May 14, 2022

Click HERE for ticketing info. 



Born From Pain:

The Shredder:

Carry On:


May 28, 2022

Safety Zone

Check Your Head


May 28 and 29




Hollow Threat






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