Ambient black metal act Winter Dynasty release debut EP [Inner Mongolia]

Ambient black metal act Winter Dynasty release debut EP [Inner Mongolia]

Winter Dynasty is an ambient Black Metal one-man-band that hails from China’s Inner-Mongolia. Their mean inspiration is their homeland’s history, nature and mythology and here is their first EP that can be streamed, that they chose to call “Remembering the Gods of Nature” which consists of 3 tracks:

The first track takes inspiration from Goumang, Spring’s spirit from the East. In Chinese Mythology, Goumang is seldom depicted with Rushou, the spirit of Autumn/East. They’re Shangdi’s – the emperor from above – messengers; the first one announces the rewards of the good-deeded, and the second announces the torment of the ill-deeded.

The second track refers to Genhe which can be translated as: “the city of the river”. Gegeen/Gen is a city-district in China’s Autonomous Inner-Mongolia. It was a hunting territory for the Solons, an Evenk Tribe during the Rule of the Qing Dynasty.

The third and the last chapter of the EP, is an ode to Pangu, a Chinese mythology character who is presented as the first being to emerge from primary chaos. He separates between the land and the sky, and after his demise, his huge body became the earthling’s realm. He also happens to be one of the 3 pure Taoist Deities

Tracklist :

01. 句芒 God of Spring
02. Through the Forest of GenHe
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