Alt rock band OH CHENTAKU release new music video [Malaysia]

After surviving over a decade in the music business, Malaysia’s best loved alternative rock band, Oh Chentaku (OCK), celebrate their fighting indie spirit with the release of their latest English single entitled, “Anugerah Of The Year”.

The song is their first single from their 4th full album due to be released under their own label Oh Chentaku Records some time this year. The composer and lyricist of the single is lead singer Myo. The song has his cheeky view of the clear-cut biased music business in the country and OCK’s devil-may-care attitude towards it.

The music video, which was released soon after, is produced and directed by Myo himself. The video features an elaborate set-up that focuses on OCK’s strength as live performers with a twist that involves movie production special effects make-up and stunt crews.

The song will be made available on iTunes, Spotify, JOOX, Tidal and all other streaming/digital platforms worldwide. The video has gained over 10,000 views in less than a week on YouTube and linked right across Oh Chentaku’s social media platforms.

The outreach of the music of OCK is borderless regardless of age, race or religion; but maintains their unique brand and style of rock, celebrating the rock and roll attitude in youngsters everywhere.

When OCK started out album production and song writing was done mainly by band founder and leader, Myo, but in this album the other members Naem, Amber, Jimmy, Jack and Wawa play a very important role in both song construction and arrangement. All 6 musicians have differing rock tastes allowing a very unique collaboration of rock styles in their musical arrangement that encompasses everything from Rock N Roll, hard rock, metal to the more emotional acoustic rock with heartfelt lyrics.

The band best known for their consistent, dynamic stage performances has spent the last decade working hard at performing shows and winning fans on the ground. Through their experiences with audiences and constantly pushing themselves they have gained the respect of both music fans and industry.

In 2018 Oh Chentaku is looking forward to concentrating on their new album release followed by a brand new tour aimed for both nationwide and regional.


Oh Chentaku, is an indie outfit formed in 2007 as a progressive rock band. The band has 3 full album releases to date :

• Heartbreak Ridge Was Never This Arrogant (2007)
• Suitcase, A Scarf And The Departure (2009)

The band started off as a three piece and their music was inspired by a more emo pop-punk feel but has evolved to a more mature progressive rock sound but still keeping their cheeky pop-punk outlook. OCK is a band that never fails to entertain no matter how big or small the audience.

Over the years OCK has developed a reputation of being power house performers and now comprise 6 musicians :

• Myo lead vocal and guitarist
• Naem bass
• Jimmy drummer
• Wawa keyboard
• Amber guitar
• Jack lead guitar

*Instagram accounts: @xohchentakux @myo_ @naemsutan @jimmyjamjamz @jxlian @afiqoramber @yuswa

Although the band had a rocky start with members following different commitments to studying and work, their fortune changed when frontman Myo decided to let his career take a backseat to his passion for the band and music.. With the addition of Amber and Jimmy the band competed and won the “Battle of the Indie Bands GIG” organized by TV9 Malaysia.

OCK has gained much experience touring Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia and performing for a variety of audiences and events including opening for a number of international acts such as “We Are The In Crowd”, “The Used”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Yuna”, and recently played at secret show with “Taking Back Sunday” in Kuala Lumpur.

In 2013 they were approached to join popular reality TV program “Versus” Season 2. The program involving 5 bands competing in weekly live battles, which ran for 10 weeks, showcasing their performance ability and creativity. Although they did not win the overall competition it was clear that OCK were the indie favourites and won the hearts of viewers, live audiences and local music fans alike with their energetic and imaginative performances. This national attention gave OCK the impact that they needed to continue their fight in the mainstream music industry on their terms.

In 2014 OCK’s popularity continued to climb with the successful “YOUNGHEARTS” album tour followed by the band headlining the biggest local rock festival “Rock The World”. They continue to reach out to fans all over Malaysia in 2015 with the OCK Borneo Takeover Tour followed by the OCK Kembara Kenchana Acoustic Tour, performing at 8 states across Malaysia. At each of these locations the band entertained the audiences with a riveting 60-90 minute set that allowed them to thank existing fans and continue to reach out to new fans.

The unique aspect of each OCK album is different musical arrangements, song lyrics in both languages (Malay and English). The inclusion of fresh collaborations, as in the past, with singers Yuna, Yas Matthews and the inclusion of the poetic Malay rap of Altimet has also widen their listenership reach. Apart from this their song “Semangat Satria” was chosen as the soundtrack to the animation series “SATRIA – The Warriors of the 7 Elements” and they were given the honor of performing during the series premier for global anime fans at the MIPCOM Festival 2014 that was held at Palais Des Festival Cannes, France.

With their popularity rising, OCK began receiving more requests to headline concerts and festivals amongst them Rock The World 2015/2016, Northern Music Festival 2016, Weekend At The Park 2016, Lovelifest 2017, Rockaway 2017, Art Of Speed 2017 and Rocktoberfest 2017.

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