An Actual Announcement For An Announcement That’s Worthy of The Announcement – Forests

We’ve been fans of Singapore emo/math rock band Forests for years now. Actually, we just did a quick Forests search through the site and have pulled up 2 pages of posts we’ve made about them (click here) starting all the way back in 2015 when they looked like this:

One of our favorite parts about the band is that not only do they write insanely amazing music, but they’re also very funny dudes who even we can mess with. Ever since they’ve announced an announcement for their announcement, we’ve been on their ass for how many announcements they’re going to make about their announcement.

To which they responded:

And now…drum roll please…for the actual announcement and then you can let us know in the comments whether you agree with us that this is MORE than worthy of an announcement that had announcements for it:

Forests are heading out on an almost full-month US tour!!!! YOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That shit is HUGE!!!! Look at the full tour run:

Go support the band on this run if you’re out there in the US! We literally don’t know how many bands (especially as of late) from Asia have done a full month of dates in the US (or anywhere for that matter).

Forests rule.

This announcement rules.

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