A Mutual Question | aswekeepsearching Indian post-rock bands announce collective show!

A Mutual Question


Indian post-rock night of the year maybe! Check out which two Indian post-rock bands are collectively celebrating the release of their phenomenal records? That’s right – BOTH bands that we’ve been gushing over: A Mutual Question AND aswekeepsearching!

Man – I’d do anything to be there to watch this…

You bastards in India are lucky as fuck and we hope you’re all going to get out there to be a part of celebrating these two world class post-rock bands.

Show is taking place at Blue Frog Pune: https://www.facebook.com/bluefrogpune/

Check out aswekeepsearching: http://uniteasia.org/one-of-our-favorite-releases-of-2015-indian-post-rock-as-we-keep-searching-full-album-stream/

Check out A Mutual Question: http://uniteasia.org/amazing-indian-post-rock-band-a-mutual-question-puts-up-new-album-for-free-download/

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