PREMIERE: Malaysian pop-punk band Social Circuit debut track (feat. KOTM/Mediancoast)

social circuit

It is with huge joy that we get to premiere the newest pop punk band to join the Malaysian world of rock. The band is a 5 piece act called Social Circuit. Notably, though the music certainly speaks for itself, the band features a very dear friend of ours – Dean of Kids on the Move on vocals. Hardcore will always transcend the music and take us into a much deeper realm based on friendship and the relationships that are formed, so when a friend is putting their heart into some sort of project, whatever it is, us hardcore kids get behind it 100%. Luckily, we are getting behind a band that is fucking AWESOME.

Below, Dean was nice enough to not only allow us to premiere the band’s debut track, but even sent in some information regarding the band and the song itself.

This band rules…look out for them!

Social Circuit is a 5 piece band. I don’t really know what to call our music yet, but I guess the closest would be pop punk. The band is basically made up of the members of a local band called Mediancoast with me on vocals. Mediancoast is still an active band but is currently on hiatus as the vocalist of the band (which just happens to be Kids On The Move’s guitarist) has relocated to Jakarta.

Since I still have leftover love for 90’s emo/punk/rock from my old band, I proposed to them that we put together a band that can fill that “no-core” gap in our otherwise very hardcore surroundings. Our plans with the band so far doesn’t include any crazy touring, but we do have plans of releasing a 7″ ep and maybe a 12″.

From my point of view, I would like to use this band to push me to places that we normally wouldn’t go to with our own bands Kid On The Move/Mediancoast.

As for the song below, we have a show tomorrow (Saturday 9th April) and I decided to throw up this simple video just to give everyone a little glimpse into our music. The song is called Slither, and I recorded it all by myself on my imac using digital drums, and direct input guitars. If you ask me, the quality is really sub standard. But it’s our way to garner some buzz for people to come check us out tomorrow! We’re the first band!

Show Flyer

social circuit

Check out the lyrics below and get ready to hit that replay button a thousand times…it’s that good. Good luck to all the boys in Social Circuit! Can’t wait to hear all future recordings!

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All the times we spent with it doesn’t even matter now
The memories I’m left with, it doesn’t mean anything now
You should have been there when I’m wrong, when I forgot
Slither away when you’re finished with me
Off to the next victim you’ll see
These days I feel free from responsibility
Out of the cult but still left with the bite mark
These words runs deep in hope it makes you bleed out of the cult but still left with the bite mark
I’ll face my fate
Whatever it may be
If it’s a snake
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