Hong Kong rock band Tango & Snatch release live videos

tango & snatch

“Tango & Snatch are a three piece Rock & Roll Beast, from Hong Kong, with a horn making love to you on a Saturday night. Like a bad haircut coming back into fashion, we are happy to present a live video compilation from the vaults of Artefracture’s infamous ‘Moving Picture Collection’ (2013 – 2015).

Every band plays shows where the turnout is not exactly what they had hoped. Why pretend that there is not a guy with a camera? This is a retrospective look at our favorite videos from the shows that no body went to.

These tracks represent our bawdy introduction into the HK scene back in 2013 after Ziad relocated from Cambodia. The clips are generally quite rough and raw and have a bit of an old and timey VHS feel about them.

Track List:
1) Phnom Penh City Girls @HKBrewhouse (28/09/2013)
2) Dingo Ate My Baby (1:36) @theWanch (02/10/2013)
3) When she comes (3:44) @HKBrewhouse (19 /10/2013)
4) OH! Baby Baby (6:20) @HKBrewhouse (31/10/2015)
5) Outlaw hearts (8:16) @ Demo Bar, Yangshuo (03/04/2015)
6) Howlin at the moon (10:07) @HK Brewhouse (19/10/2013)
7) Save the whales (12:55) @theWanch (13/05/2015)
8) Oh! Baby Baby #2 (16:26) @theWanch (02/10/2013)
9) Kazoo Song (18:44) @ Demo Bar, Yangshuo (03/04/2015)
10) The Haunted (22:09) @HKBrewhouse (28/09/2013)

Everything filmed by ArtEfracture except a few*. Other fine contributors include:
Owen Fung (tracks 5 & 9), Michael Jonke (track 4) and Astrid Andersson (track 7)

Check out our bandcamp page: music should be for free and we got lots of love to give away

For more assorted underground HK musical gems go to:
https://artefracture.bandcamp.com/ ”

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