Great initiative by the Bangladesh Metal Alliance to nurture original music

bangladesh metal alliance

Cool initiative from Bangladesh’s metal community to kickstart and inspire local Bangladeshi metal acts to create original material. This is how a scene begins to develop. When we first start bands all of us probably began by covering our favorite acts, and even maybe performing these covers at shows. And sure, when the bands we cover aren’t ever going to tour communities, cities and countries, playing these covers usually gets a swell response from fellow metal-loving crowds. But at some point, that love for a certain type of music needs to translate into original material that would be a lot closer to home, at least to the musicians creating the music, much closer then a band from XXX from a whole different part of the world.

So to our friends in the Bangladesh Metal Alliance – good for you guys! Let us know how we can help!

“We, Bangladesh Metal Alliance, are looking for young unsolicited thrashers who are ready to thrash people upside down with their original songs and this is our flyer for the announcement. If you have atleast 3 originals filled with enough anger and passion, do heed on the flyer and follow the instructions. If you are selected, we will be giving you the opportunity to perform in BMA’s next gig later this year.

Why asking for originals only? Because all the bands in our next gig will be performing only their originals, “no covers”.
The flyer has been conceptualized and designed by Nabil Abaddon

We did tell you that the days of mediocrity are coming to an end. Cheers!”

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