Phenomenal Hong Kong indie-rock band Chochukmo release new music video


One of the best contemporary Hong Kong bands is this band right here – Chochukmo. These guys most certainly also have the added luck of being media darlings in both local Chinese press and English press – that shit almost NEVER happens here that a band is loved by the general public and also has adoring support from media (they even get frequently called up by various brands to promote them – that’s how strong this band’s identity is in Hong Kong. In the photo above they’re draped in Versace clothing hahaha). The crazy part is that bands in these types of situations in Hong Kong actually aren’t very good – all the hype usually falls flat when listening to the music and comparing it to international standards of music. In Chochukmo’s case, they ARE a GREAT band. This new track is most definitely case in point…the band has clearly thrown out everything they’re used to doing, and have created something fresh that has certainly pushed their own music boundaries.

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