For us – THIS is the band to watch in 2016 – Wretching Hate out of Malaysia

Wretching Hate

Yes – that damn headline is the truth not some random ass clickbait.

Malaysian hardcore band Wretching Hate do a great service to us fighting for Asian bands to be heard by the world at large…they bring forth music that flies middle fingers up to whatever is the current “fad” in hardcore and don’t shy away from barreling you and your “idea” of what hardcore should “sound” like by putting up raw, pissed off music that screams for your attention. So what they have is not another Asian band that mimics what’s already out there done by a million other bands, they do their shit true to themselves and manage to create amazing music each and every time.

The band just threw up ANOTHER new single on their bandcamp page and YOU, you and you need to check it out below…

This band needs a new full length out…make it happen boys!

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