Thailand’s premier hardcore label Brighten Up Records release demo for Then And Now

then and now

Could it be that Thailand’s brand new record label Brighten Up Records is slowly becoming the Asian equivalent to Revelation Records? 🙂 Check out the releases that this label has been hard at work releasing…all of them have that old school youthcrew vibe – not just in the overall sound of the songs, but even the recording have that 80’s feel!

Check out a brand new demo that they’ve just released for a band called Then And Now! The best…

Thailand’s got it going on!

You want to go for an updated NYHC sound – head to Singapore
You want a youthcrew sound – head to Thailand

Brighten Up Records – YOU GUYS ARE KILLING IT!!!!

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Even the record release part for both One Color and Then And Now has that old school 80’s photocopy vibe!

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