INTERVIEW: Singapore’s False Plaintiff stream full length

false plaintiff

INTERVIEW : False Plaintiff
Singapore emotional hardcore

The lead up to this moment…the moment a phenomenal Singaporean emotional hardcore band called False Plaintiff finally unleashes their emotionally charged full length was quite painful…the band released a teaser last October with the track Fangtooth which easily set the Southasian hardcore world ablaze in the band’s immense songwriting skills. But we’re sitting here 3 months later and FINALLY we get to hear the rest of the record…The full length that Fangtooth is found on is out in the world for all of us to listen to.

So press play below, close your eyes and enjoy.

Luckily – I found a member, Bryner, online and so I was able to throw a few questions out at him.

false plaintiff

Hey buddy – congrats on the new release! From all the online comments I’ve seen so far dudes are digging it! That must feel nice to see!
Haha thanks my man! Its been a great experience working on this album and we couldn’t be more proud of it.

false plaintiff

Even though the record release show is not til Feb – why did you guys choose to stream the full record now?
We just want people to be able to hear the record before watching us live during the launch! After all it has been a pretty long wait.

What was the hold up? Fang tooth came out last year and immediately was widely acclaimed…you would’ve thought the record was to be released like a month after that hahaha…
We actually experienced some difficulties with releasing the album so we had to put it off till now.

false plaintiff
Care to divulge what happened?

Haha we were just very pressed for time regarding our personal lives.

false plaintiff
So the record is coming out in a couple weeks – what are your plans to continue to support the release throughout the year?
We have plans to do a music video for a song of the album and hopefully tours out of singapore if we have the time! That’s the plan for the foreseeable future right now.
Alright man! That’s it for tonight! Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! Good luck at the record release show!
Thank you so much! We would love to play Hone Kong sometime. Who knows!
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