Two Asian metal labels team up: India’s Transcending Obscurity & Japan’s Weird Truth Productions

funeral moth

Indian metal label Transcending Obscurity are a non-stop metal releasing machine…these guys are probably one of the hardest working labels out there.

Today they announced that they’re partnering up with a Japanese metal label Weird Truth Productions for future releases. Check out the press release below:

“Great Japanese label that’s put out releases of bands like WorshipMournful CongregationFuneral MothAtaraxieFuneraliumProfetusDea MaricaIndesinence and others, Weird Truth Productions, is now working with Transcending Obscurity PR for the proper and thorough promotion of their releases worldwide. It all begins with Funeral Moth, the massive, bleak funeral doom band with an atmosphere par excellence. The band also features the label owner Makoto Fujishima on guitar/vocals. One can expect only the highest level of quality from this long-running and legendary label in the underground.”

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