3 Way Collab Track Out Now – An Honest Mistake/Patriots/Bright Minder [Malaysia]

Teeth, snakes, drowning, cockroaches, being trapped in a casket, falling from infinity – these are all different types of bad dreams; different genres if you will. All of which are painful replays of our subconscious mind. Perhaps stemming from stress at work or from watching a horror flick. Well, this brand new release by An Honest Mistake doesn’t include any of the above, however, it all did start from a dream.

‘Sweet dreams are made of gold’, at least that’s what was imagined. Dreams are manifestations of our subconscious minds and in the case of Malaysian post-hardcore band An Honest Mistake, it wasn’t that sweet. According to Darren, the lead singer and main songwriter of the band, says, ‘My chest felt constricted, my heart was heavy. Cold sweat. I remember trying to wake myself up when I realized it was a dream. It felt like a combination of things. Evil faces, falling, teeth. When I eventually woke up, the line, ‘You’re nothing but a bad dream’, just kept playing in my head. Then, I just got to work immediately. I knew it was going to be a great idea for a song’. Darren continues, ‘I wanted some fresh perspectives so I consulted our ex-co vocalist, Sheryl Goh as well as close friend Amanda Love who helped with the initial melody idea. I felt like I didn’t want to do this on my own and working together with close friends would be so much better. When I got to the studio, I got Christian Theseira to help with the vocal sessions too. It’s a whole huge effort I feel.’

The first release by An Honest Mistake for 2022 features 2 of the hottest Malaysian acts right now, Patriots and Bright Minder. Amir Shazrin aka Ayeen, the lead vocalist of Patriots contributed some of his infamous belts and crushing screams while Daniel Sabirin aka Jack, guitar virtuoso of instrumental outfit, Bright Minder dropped a sweet melodious guitar solo.

‘Bad Dream’ explores the theme of unreciprocated love or feelings for another person packaged in the medium or realm of a nightmare. The verses describe the feelings and desires felt by the writer while being in the dream with the chorus finally breaking through questioning one’s worth and at the same time coming to terms that the relationship is a poor investment. ‘You’re nothing but a bad dream’, is a powerful statement of victory and triumph. The aim of the song is to give power and authority back to individuals who are facing challenges in life whether it could be a job or relationship that nothing is too difficult to conquer. All that is needed is acknowledgment and then a decision.

This release is part of a full-length album.


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