UniteAsia.org & Real Deal proudly present China’s biggest hardcore fest CNHC Festival


CNHC Festival
DATE: September 10, 2016
VENUE: School Bar, Beijing
TIME: 3pm

It is with immense honor that we at UniteAsia.org team up with a brand new Beijing-based event organizers called Real Deal to announce this year’s edition of China’s biggest hardcore festival – CNHC Festival ???????. As if that isn’t exciting enough…this year marks the FIFTH year of the festival! 5 years ago the organizers behind CNHC Festival came together to try their hand at celebrating the existence of hardcore in China and by doing so trying to promote this culture to a wider audience. With each edition of the festival the beauty lies in the ability for the festival to bring the country’s many hardcore kids spread across large and smaller cities out onto trains and/or airplanes to Beijing to be part of the bigger Chinese hardcore family for one beautiful night ever year. Though in recent years there has been talk about trying out different cities such as Wuhan or possibly even in the south like Guangzhou – for the time being the fest remains in Beijing but organizers have said they will always be open to feedback and suggestions to make it better each year.


Having been involved with several hardcore and punk rock shows in Beijing over the many years, Real Deal may be an unfamiliar name, but the brains behind it Li You, Yang Xin and Yu Si Jia have been crucial members of the Beijing hardcore and punk rock community for years. Li You is the vocalist of prominent Beijing hardcore band Unregenerate Blood – certainly one of the main torch bearers of hardcore in Beijing. Yu Si Jia is the guitarist of punk band Hell CityYang Xin has been a beloved member of the Beijing punk rock scene for years and is one of the brave souls who gladly battles any fiery audience behind a camera lens capturing some of the best hardcore/punk photos from Beijing. Together the three of these guys make up Real Deal and all y’all should look out for future shows, collaborations and goods coming out under this moniker:

real deal

When asked for their thoughts on this inaugural event for Real Deal, Li You summarized:

“This year is CNHC Fest’s fifth anniversary and we’ve decided that the theme for this year’s edition will be ‘Stand As One‘. Besides hardcore bands taking part in the festival, we also have some punk rock and metal bands that are on this year’s bill. The idea behind this billing is the concept of “roots”. Although these three genres may musically sound different, we’re all basically the same. Our individual scenes are really not that big so we should band together as one.

Don’t forget your roots, we stand as one!”


This year also marks one of the first times that CNHC Fest is being organized at a different venue instead of the Beijing staple MAO Livehouse (A couple years ago they did try a different venue as well but last year brought it back to MAO). This year the entire festival is being shifted to arguably one of the most punk rock venues in the city – School Bar. School Bar’s owner Felix had this to say about the pairing of CNHC Fest and School Bar:

school bar

Strength Approach playing at School Bar

“Hardcore and punk rock in China really need more people paying attention to it! CNHC Fest has the ability to get people who don’t like the music to fall in love with the music; it can also get people who are already in love with the music fall even more in love with the music!

What are my thoughts about CNHC Fest taking place at School Bar this year? This IS where it should always be held! FINALLY! School may not be a very large venue, but this is absolutely THE place that should become the base for hardcore. This venue belongs to the underground, it’s time to get it going!”

(Felix sings for a killer hardcore punk band called Dr. Liu & Human Centipede and recently has been battling some health issues having been in and out of the hospital a couple times this year, so we wish him speedy recovery! We love you man! Check out his band!)

Here’s a video of Beijing oi-punk band Shave N’ Shut performing at School Bar:


We will be announcing the full lineup to this event in the coming weeks! Stay tuned here and on CNHC Fest’s main social media outlet: http://www.weibo.com/u/2689879093?topnav=1&wvr=6&topsug=1&is_hot=1

Here’s a recap video set to King Ly Chee’s song CNHC taken from the second CNHC Hardcore Fest:

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