Annual Guangzhou punk rock festival FULL PUNK DAY announce full lineup

full punk day

Punk rock in Southern China is quite a strange beast with that doesn’t receive as much praise and support (nor number of bands) as metalcore or metal in general. So when a punk rock festival does take place in Guangzhou (or anywhere in Southern China for that matter) it’s something we at Unite Asia can FULLY get behind! (Supporting the underdog seems to be a running theme…) So we’re proud to be one of the many sponsors for this event.

This year’s Full Punk Day festival:

June 11, 2016

SD Livehouse
Guangzhou, China
Organized by Fing 3


Bands performing:

Own Up


what a beautiful day


fxxker family


King Ly Chee

Hong Kong

dirty fingers

Dirty Fingers

round eye


Defeat the Giant


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  1. trevor

    June 13, 2016 at 12:11 am

    That was such an awsome night!
    Great bands, lots of fun!
    But man King Lichees fucking surprised me : they are POSERS!!!!
    couldn’t believe that !
    Bunch of arrogant POSERS!!!
    I heard that night no bands got payed ,BUT THEM !
    Bands coming from Shanghai went for free to the festival and those King Lychees coming from HongKong got payed ….because they have to do a tour in U.S.!!!
    Fuck…g great guys!

    so the MANY bands there that nigth not only did a great job, but also did a good deed : Charity for King Lychees….bwuahahahaah


    • Unite Asia

      June 13, 2016 at 12:15 am

      Hi Trevor,

      I’m in King Ly Chee and I can assure you that we don’t know what the other bands got paid. We got paid yes because we always make sure we get paid. This makes us posers? Do you know what the word “poser” means? A band getting paid means they’re posers? Next time you go buy a piece of art, pay for a photographer, pay for a designer make sure to call them posers because they charging money.

      Your anger should be directed at the organizers of the festival. Why did they think they didn’t need to pay the bands? That doesn’t make any sense that the other bands didn’t get paid especially the bands who traveled from outside of Guangzhou. I will ask the organizers myself.

      Thanks for bringing this up.


  2. trevor

    June 13, 2016 at 1:01 am

    Not angry at all,but your explanation of poser really need me to jump right in . Sorry for being direct in my next words:

    it’ poser enough to me to represent a way of life only through your movements,but not in practice.
    Also:being too busy copying movements arrangements form other bands,but not even care about your fellows…well can be poser to me, too.
    I don’t mind your copy-and-paste attitude, but cannot be an a….hole to your fellows.
    And anyone giving his best in a Punk Festival,is a fellow to me.
    Sorry bro, i only say poser ’cause i don’t want to be to hard on you guys.
    I don’t have any special bad feeling towards you guys, not at all. I’ve seen this many times .

    Hope you’ll have a great time in U.S., and a good lesson of HC life.
    Don’t get me wrong: good skill you have guys,but…you are not an engineer; there’s no need for me to explain you that skill alone is little more then nothing
    That nightI’ve been amazed by great guys with less skills but HUGE amount of energy, POSITIVE energy , people that feels like myself/yourself; feels like everyone else. Communication,fun together and(why not) brotherhood . These things are worth fighting against the mainstream …otherwise go to America Got Talent and feel free to ask for money and act like Green Days , No FX and all the other bands of posers.Yes they do get paid well.But they are posers.They feed the system.

    fuck the system, but KNOW your brothers

    • Unite Asia

      June 13, 2016 at 1:19 am

      Oh – if in your eyes all bands that get paid are “posers” then we really come from very different schools of thought. We will have to agree to disagree on this point.

      When I was a young kid I was pretty fired up like you. Once I realised how the world works and that my rent isn’t free, my daughter doesn’t go to school for free, I have to be able to take care of my wife who is a wonderful stay-at-home mom that sacrificed her life/career in order to raise our daughter without help and assistance, that I put my own money into running in order to help bands all over Asia be able to get their band’s music and message out, that I put my own money into organising shows in Hong Kong since 1999 for touring bands and LOCAL bands as well, that touring around the world all requires money, recording-mixing-mastering music requires money, printing merch requires money, we pay people to design merch…once all that has been clear to me – I realized that bands SHOULD get paid – especially those bands who do this for a LIVING. That is how they LIVE. As a show promoter I try my best to pay bands as well, but if we lose money at the show I am very honest with the bands and let them know that we lost money putting on the show so we are unable to pay you anything. That is the way I work as a show promoter – in the case of Full Punk Day I have already emailed them this morning to find out why the other bands were not paid, especially the ones who traveled from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. Once I get their answer I will let you know what the truth is behind this issue of money.

      Like I said above, thanks for bringing this up to our attention but instead of calling us “arrogant” and “poser” without knowing anything about what our band has been about for 17 years and what we have done for punk/hardcore not only in Hong Kong and China but THROUGHOUT Asia, you might want to approach issues like this with a little more tact. This sentence of yours is already clear as DAY that you know the history of King Ly Chee “itΒ’ poser enough to me to represent a way of life only through your movements,but not in practice.” Really? We don’t practice what we preach? We aren’t about brotherhood, family and friendship? You sure?

      Anyway – good luck! Thanks for supporting bands and bringing issues up so that there can be a discussion in the process.


    • Joe

      June 13, 2016 at 1:35 am

      Bro.. Whats a No FX?

  3. Joe

    June 13, 2016 at 1:34 am

    All these long statements but whats a Green Days and No FX? Also I wanna know these other bands of posers? Maybe Trev’s favorite Black Flag or The Misfits or The Ramones will be in that list.. Coz they all took A LOT of money. Hell even Fugazi took money.

  4. John Yingling

    June 13, 2016 at 3:01 am


    Nobody can understand what the hell you’re blabbering about. Please grab a form dictionary, and make a longer post. What “lesson in HC life” is Riz (who’s also a part of this very site) supposed to take away from this? Have you ever booked a show with a shitload of local, and a touring band (let alone a touring band from another country, who’s about to go to ANOTHER country?) … the touring bands gets the dough 98% of the time.

    It sounds like you just have a large chip on your shoulder for some reason. Explain it to us, further. I’m sure we’d all love to hear it.

  5. trevor

    June 13, 2016 at 3:31 am

    really good what u r doing with this website… and bands must be paid ,i do agree.
    But I thought money was the last issue of my post,obviously i couldn’t express myself clearly.
    Leaving China soon , so no time for a long reply.
    Just feel the urge to point out this: No FX,Green Day are posers.
    Ska-P: posers.
    As well as many others ,of course.
    You feed the system,but you sing punk words:poser.
    You are digestible to the mainstream: poser.
    You are too cool for the school? Poser.
    Why Crass,Discharge and other bands never had any chance on the mainstream? Were they ‘less punk’ then No FX??
    Isn’t it easier to act like NoFX more then choose a lifestyle closer to something like (for instance) The Crass were talking about?
    Come on guys…if punk is only about music, well stop reading this shit of mine
    We all are a skaters/hardcorers/punkers but our t-shirts and shoes value is easily double of what some great bands got paid to do gigs; but still : they did it;and they carved History of what we now listen to and of what we can only slightly try to do.

    The Plasmatics sucks, but not the Dead Kennedys.
    Why ? is that because DK didn’t get paid??
    Come on guys, forget your Frappuccinos and let’s start again put ourselves into the game; or at least let’s start again vomit on our own shoes. For fuck sake. Let’s keep it real.
    last post for me.

  6. Ivan

    June 13, 2016 at 5:06 am

    Hi Trevor,

    if money wasn’t your issue then please elaborate more about the issue.
    Just talking about energy i dont think King ly chee has less than others,
    Family feel, we talk to everyone to be sincere if possible, but doesnt mean that we need to be in front of every single face of the show to ask them talk to us.
    Then about money, do you play an instrument, do you practice? or do you work or earn money for a living? we get paid cause we work hard and people are also willing to pay us to show respect on our hardwork, specially Riz’s hardwork. if you have such a positive attitude i think many firms will really hire you, cause you will always do it for free. Congrats on ur new career, next time let me know where u are and ill definitely call you for help. Just to let you know my cymbals are freakin heavy

  7. Unite Asia

    June 13, 2016 at 5:59 am

    Here is the update from the organizers:

    “We do not understanding the confusion. EVERY BAND THAT PARTICIPATED GOT PAID A PERFORMANCE FEE AND HOTEL. We will speak to our team and the participating bands to see where the confusion is and rectify this.”

    So Trevor – what was the bullshit you just fucking spewed about how we were “posers” and “arrogant”? Your ENTIRE argument is now utterly void because EVERY band got paid according to the organizer above.

    Good luck with your life.


  8. Chachy

    June 15, 2016 at 3:43 am

    We got a hotel room…but we didn’t get paid. Just sayin’.
    But no hard feelings. We agreed to the terms and had a good time.
    Only thing I would bark at the moon about is the free ‘mix’ drink they offered instead of a normal beer (seriously man a breezer?) and the weird time slot. AND I really wanted a shirt but they only gave up 2. Wa!

    • Unite Asia

      June 15, 2016 at 4:30 am

      πŸ™‚ It’s good to have good sense of humor about it. According to the organizer every band got paid – so if you guys didn’t I would definitely hit them up for clarification. Regarding the dildo above – the only thing I can thank him for is letting us know about this issue. We had NOTHING to do with the organising of the festival but definitely want to help our community of bands out so we got in touch with the promoter immediately. Regarding all his other petty points and childish vocabulary (what are we still in high school and living with our mommies and daddies on this site?), I can’t believe that in 2016 this conversation about “poser” and/or “not punk enough” attitude still exists.

      I’m going to go listen to my Green Day record now and crank that shit up loud and proud πŸ™‚

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